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Frequently Asked Questions

What location are Cortelco products shipped from?

Cortelco products are shipped from our warehouse, at 1703 Sawyer Road, Corinth, Mississippi, U.S.A.

How is a Return Material Authorization for credit requested?

RMA's for Credit can be requested by Distributors Only via e-mail or fax.

What information is needed on a distributors RMA request for return credit?

Distributor name, mailing address, name of person requesting the RMA, reason for the request, quantity, complete part number and the purchase order number should be provided.

Is a Return Material Request number needed for repair?

No. Products needing repair can be returned to Cortelco Repair Dept., 1703 Sawyer Road, Corinth, MS 38834. Please put your complete street (no PO Box) address, telephone number inside the box along with a note explaining the type of problem you are experiencing with the product.

Will I be billed for repair charges?

If your telephone is in warranty (determined by the date stamp on bottom of your phone or proof of purchase) and the product defect is determined not to be related to product neglect or abuse, your product will be repaired or replaced at our option. The product will be returned to you promptly, at no charge for repair.

What about products that are no longer in warranty?

Our repair department will contact you (preferably by telephone) to advise of repair charges, or you may contact our Repair Department at 800-288-3132, Ext. 118 prior to sending the product(s). If your product is out-of-warranty, you will be required to pay return shipping and repair costs.

Will all Cortelco phones work with our switch?

Cortelco Medallion and Colleague models support Neon, LED and Reverse Polarity (24V) message lamp signals.

What position should I set my speakerphone to for maximum performance?

Your speakerphone should be six to eight inches away from your desk edge, This will allow the speaker phone to pick up your voice much clearer. Face your speakerphone and stay within arms length when talking. Avoid using speakerphones in extremely noisy enviroments. Finally, find your speakerphone volume and slowly try moving it to find the best setting for your conversation. The best setting is usually not all the way to the high or low setting. This, however, can vary from call to call.

How do I clean my telephone?

Never spray cleaner directly on the telephone. The liquid may drip into the telephone and damage the electronic parts. We recommend the liquid cleaner be sprayed onto a cotton cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or bleach as they damage the plastic surface of your product.

Where do I call for technical assistance if I think my telephone/system is not operating properly or I have questions on operation?

Our technicians are available from 7:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m., Central Time. For emergency situations we provide after hours service, which can be accessed through our voice prompts by calling our toll-free, after-hours number. Our technicians are seasoned employees that have been providing this service to our customers for many years, They will assist you in a professional and courteous manner.

Technical Support

Our Technical Service Department is staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated employees who have been with Cortelco for many years.

Telephone:+1 800 288 3132 option 5