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7 Series 4-Line Telephone Multi-Purpose Feature Module
Model: 2743FM000PAK

7 Series 2743 Manual


  • The 2743 module can be utilized to provide any one of three features for 2740/2750 systems: music on hold, external paging or for door monitor. Music-on-hold can be provided by connecting to various music sources such as tapes or MP3 players to provide background music or announcement to callers on hold. To provide paging, connect the device to a paging amplifier and drive an external paging speaker. The module can be paged from any phone in the system just by using its station number. It can be set to accept or reject all pages. Multiple modules may be connected to drive more than one speaker. When connected to a door monitor the phone will alert the user when the doorbell is pressed. This also allows intercom conversation with the door monitor. The 2740 telephone has the capability to operate a magnetic door strike enabling the door to be opened from the telephone dial pad. Each of the features described above requires a module.